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When we study Buddhism, we are studying ourselves — the nature of our own minds. Instead of focusing on some supreme being, Buddhism emphasizes more practical matters, such as how to lead our lives, how to integrate our minds and how to keep our everyday lives peaceful and healthy.
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What you allow, is what will continue.
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also i am currently using my mother’s computer and she has an amazing wide screen display and as if tumblr was not wonderful enough, all the pictures look so amazing and i think i will ask for a display for christmas. yes. this is a good idea. they’re pricey though. perhaps i will ask if they can pay for half. 

i brought work home and it is now 9:30 at night and I super don’t want to do it.

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Elie Saab couture Fall 2014

had a super informative talk with my dad and aunt today about the economy. folks - hold on to your hats. another recession is around the corner.

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Emma Watson looks racy in black midriff flashing lacy two-piece and leather biker jacket for fashion show in Paris
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Chanel fall 2014 couture details